Netlify blocking IP addresses?

Hello our site (ID 1d494015-8178-44f6-afa6-32f8e180d7e8) is a static single page app and we use netlify to proxy our api traffic to our api servers.

We have reports from several of our customers who are saying that they are getting connection timeouts for the site. The page will not load. During those times, we are able to load the site ourselves and see no problem.

The customers who are reporting this are large companies with many users of our app concurrently accessing the site. It made me wonder if there’s some kind of firewalling going on or if Netlify is detecting some kind of threat detection/problem?

I’ve checked our bandwidth levels and there do not appear to be problems. The issue persists for a while then clears up. We’re at our wits’ end trying to figure out what’ happening.

Thanks for any light you can shed on he situation

It seems VERY MUCH like Netlify is blocking specific IP addresses. I’ve been on the phone all day with IT managers with our customers.

If they switch to a different VPN or ISP they can access the site.

How can I configure this/let Netlify know that this is not malicious traffic?

Hi, @uooq. I believe this issue has been addressed on the support ticket # 193555. That support ticket is still open and we will continue the discussion there.

Hello, I too think my IP is being blocked from Netlify. I too can access my own site when using a VPN or my mobile network.

I just migrated from Google Domains to Namecheap so I assumed that it was DNS propagation. But the mobile network bit and using a VPN (same country VPN, UK) working made me search further in these forums.

Any way I can deal with this myself?

Hi, @rafalpotasz. We would need to know the following information to troubleshoot this:

  • the URL you tried to access
  • the IP address used by your web browser
  • the IP address your browser tried to connect to
  • the date and time the HTTP request was made (and the timezone the time is given in)

Without that information, we are only guessing. If you are willing to provide the information above, please let us know.

As I don’t have that information currently, my best guess is that your ISP is blocking the connection. If so, you would need to contact the technical support for your ISP to find out why they blocked the connection and to get that block removed.

Again, if you are willing to share the information above, we’ll be here to assist.

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I feel a bit dumb now to be honest, I’d be happy giving the information but everything looks resolved and as of yesterday afternoon I could access my site.

I don’t even know why it’s resolved.

But I’ll keep the above criteria in mind in case i ever run into something like this again. Wish i recorded everything at the time.

I think your guess might be correct. I just wonder how that works, because it would have been a temporary “block”.

Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate it :slight_smile: