Cant access netlify

hello , why i can’t access netlify ?
“this site cant be reached”

i can access if using vpn / incognito brower .
and my phone no issue for open netlify . just my laptop .
its my ip di blocked by netlify ?

@elangn What country are you accessing from?

In some countries ISP’s block * sites and there’s not much that Netlify can do about it.

In your case I see it’s the main Netlify UI though at

hello thanks for your answer .

im from indonesia .
i using netlify almost 1 year , but 2 days ago can’t access netlify without vpn and i can open it on my phone .
just error on my laptop . :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi, @elangn. What you describe sounds very much like a situations where your ISP is blocking connections to our service. In this type of situation, we recommend contacting the technical support of your internet provider to debug this. Netlify cannot debug it as we are not causing the issue. The ISP is causing this and only they can fix it.