Workaround for users who aren’t able to access the Netlify app through UK Networks

We’ve become aware that some customers (largely in the UK) aren’t able to access the Netlify administrative UI, at, due to the domain being mistakenly added by an antivirus vendor to a block list.

While we did open an incident on our status page, this is not a block that we caused or can directly affect.

Note that this affects only your access as a customer to our administrative UI; it does not affect availability of your websites to your visitors in any country (as you can prove by browsing your own websites rather than our administrative UI).

While we are working on resolving this with the vendors involved and with our upstream provider, fortunately, you can work around it yourself!

Affected users may see a “This site can’t be reached” error when accessing

This can be worked around with a few different options:

  • turning off the “safety” feature in your router or ISP configurations
  • if your ISP or router allows, add to the exceptions list
  • changing DNS Servers to a third-party provider intended for public use such as Google ( or Cloudflare (
  • use a VPN

If you are affected, it is likely caused by your ISP applying this incorrect block, and we encourage you to contact them to ask them to remove from their blocklists, as your voice will carry more weight than ours since you are a customer of theirs and we are not.

We don’t expect this to still be a problem for anyone and so we’ve closed the incident on our statuspage. Should you still seem to be impacted please share these details in a response:

  • your ISP or network provider
  • your location
  • a screenshot of the error in trying to access in a browser including the URL bar
  • the output of running nslookup from the machine that is having trouble connecting

…and we’ll be happy to assist!