All My Netlify Sites are down

I have not been able to access any of my Netlify sites for the past 2 days.

For the purposes of providing an example site, this one:

But in general all my deploy previews are not loading, all my sites are not working

@eduardoboucas @Eduardo

@kenny_io That site does load for me, I’m in Australia:

It’s likely a network issue, (I’ve seen a few threads of people having similar issues recently), have you tried another network/vpn?

Also works for me. And I when I look at the logs for that domain, I don’t see any failed requests over the last 2 days.

The weird thing is that every other site works for me except my Netlify sites so I have ruled out an internet issue. I can also access every part of my Netlify dashboard without issues, but when I visit any site on my netlify account, it doesn’t work. How can I troubleshoot this? I checked the network tab and it didn’t say much.

Maybe my IP was blocked? @eduardoboucas cos I just connected to another router and everything works!

I ruled out a network issue when I figured that everything else worked. I don’t think the issue is tied to my account however, I simply can’t access anything on and I’m not sure WHY or HOW to fix it.

@kenny_io When you say…

every other site works for me except my Netlify sites

I simply can’t access anything on

I presume that you mean:

  • Any site at doesn’t work for you (regardless of whose site it is)
  • Sites not at do work for you

Netlify’s staff know more than me, but whenever I’ve seen people report this, it’s usually turned out to be some kind of block implemented at the customers ISP, which is why I asked if you’d tried a VPN,

Hi, @kenny_io. This type of issue is almost always caused by the internet service provider (ISP) blocking access to Netlify.

If your ISP is blocking Netlify sites, Netlify cannot fix this. The only way to resolve it is to contact the technical support for your ISP to get the block removed.