Custom domain showing on some devices/browsers not others. getting some get requests blocked, while others go through

Hi there, when trying to access my netlify site ( through the domain, I have been been dealing with some issues in terms of accessing it on various devices and browsers.

Sometimes the request goes through properly and returns the site, but other times I have received the screen “Can’t find the server” or “This site can’t be found”. Diving into the headers a bit for when the errors occured when trying to access the site, I see one single request that tries to access my site (, and it being blocked and says canceled. I look at timing, and it simply lists stalled and nothing else.

Like I said, it allows me to access sometimes, and sometimes not, so it has been very hard to troubleshoot exactly why.

Let me know if there is something I can try.

Everything is working from our end. The errors you mention sound like DNS propagation issues, for which you might simply have to wait. You can try using a VPN on the affected devices to be sure.

How long should I wait or how should I set my VPN to check? Some of the issues occur on mobile devices, and sometimes on desktop versions. This issue has persisted for some time now, prompting me to re-upload my site but still remains an issue.


Can’t say, but ideally 24 to 72 hours fix it for most if not all.

Simply use any VPN app and try browsing. If it works with VPN and doesn’t without VPN, it’s the issue I mentioned and that’s not something we can fix for you.

Hi folks, following up on this. I still am experiencing issues with the same problem noted above. I read in another forum that this may be caused by incorrect CNAME records or other records in general in my account - is there only a certain number of DNS records I should have on my account? I have 7 currently on it and not sure if they are causing more issues,

any help here would be great!

You’ve added these 2 CNAME records:

which appear to be incorrect.

Okay thank you - do you suggest I just remove them? Or should I be adding anything else?

Thanks for following up - not familiar with this area

Yes, please remove unless you have a better reason not to.