Custom domain not working

Hello all,
I am a netlify newbie and this is the first time I am building a website.
This is the domain I registered on google domains: As you can see, it doesn’t seem to work. Here is the netlix domain if anyone needs it:
Now, I followed the procedure I found both in this forum and in the documentation, that is, I am using netlify DNS and I modified the DNS custom servers on my Goodle domain.
How can I proceed to make my website up and running?
Thank you very much in advance

@alexcarchiar Seems to work fine here, even with the HTML validation errors.

Yes, apparently I am having some issues with my IP. I checked with some friends and they told me that the site was fine, so I tried using my vpn and guess what - it works. Thanks anyways!

It might be a local caching issue, too. Can you clear your browser cache, and/or try visiting the site using a private/incognito window?

I am using a vpn from another country and now everything works perfectly. Thank you again!

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