Custom domain not working!

I just assigned a custom domain to my netlify project, but it’s not reflecting I keep getting this a statement saying the domain dnx stuff,

But it displayed in opera mini, but not displaying in the other browsers


This is what I see when I use any other browser

Hello @Wise-king , I just visited your domain and it is working from my end. If it’s still not working in other browsers, kindly close the browsers or restart your device and then try again to see if it works.

Okay let me try that now!!
Did you also use opera mini??

Yes opera mini works as well @Wise-king

It still works only on opera mini here, no other browser works

Hello @Wise-king , have you tried using another network or another device to confirm if its not an issue with your internet service provider or device?
Because I am able to visit your site from my end in chrome, safari, and opera mini.

Hi @Wise-king

My name is Chris. I run our Support team.

The content you have alerted us that you are hosting on our network is in clear violation of our terms of service, so we have deactivated your account and taken your sites offline. Once I have sent this response, we will also remove you from our forums as we do not condone nor facilitate illegal activities using our service.