Changed my netlify site to a custom domain

My netlify site:
My custom domain:

The problem is that I’ve set the DNS servers on my domain provider, and Netlify has verified the DNS servers - everything seems fine. However, my site domain isn’t showing my Netlify site, but is instead displaying my domain provider’s site.

Sounds like a DNS propagation issue on your end. Try a different network or a VPN.

Thanks! You’re probably right. I checked with a VPN installed on my laptop, but I got redirected to the domain site again. However, when I checked through the “VPN website”, I landed on my Netlify page. Do you know if there’s a way I can avoid this behavior in the future, or will I need to use a VPN all the time?

edit: I was needed to clear cache and history to make it work.

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Thanks so much for sharing your solution.