"Suspected harmful website" on LinkedIn

In my LinkedIn profile I usually leave some of my projects in the highlights section. Until then everything was ok but while browsing my profile today I noticed that there was something wrong with the links, apparently LinkedIn is judging all the sites I have hosted by Netlify as harmful and returning a “Malware Warning” page. Any idea how to solve this?

For example, a weather app that I have hosted at:

When clicked by LinkedIn forwards to:

And the same thing happens with all sites that I host through Netlify.

hey @Sutolix! thanks for pointing this out to us. We are going to take a look at this and trying to figure out what is going on. I feel sure this isn’t your fault! thanks for letting us know.

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hi there, any changes to how things are behaving? we are working to mitigate these circumstances, hopefully it works now?

Hi, I tested it here and now it’s working! Thanks

fantastic. we’re so happy about this for both us and you!

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