Why does my site have so many function invocations, without any serverless functions?

I received an email from Netlify a few days ago to say that my site has reached 75% of its included allowance for Functions Level 0.

Upon checking the site settings → Functions → Overview, there appear to have been over 100k requests. I’m confused as to why this is the case, since my site is a simple static page with no serverless function. My understanding of this metric is that it counts the number of serverless function invocations.

Am I missing something here?

Hi @davidf

What is the site in question?
What framework are you using to build the site?

The site is https://northwoods.netlify.app and I’m using Nextjs @coelmay

Are you using next export on the project? As mentioned in the Netlify Next.js documentation and the Next Runtime Plugin (used by Netlify when building Next.js projects)

For apps that use next export to generate static HTML, set the NETLIFY_NEXT_PLUGIN_SKIP environment variable to true.

Otherwise yes, serverless functions are used to render the site, including images.

Thanks, this looks to have resolved the issue. I’ll monitor and let you know if I’m still experiencing this issue