Functions requests are counted although functions are not configured and does not exist

We never created or configured functions on our website, but I can see that we used 64,482 function requests and zero runtime.

We also don’t have a netlify/functions folder.
The function directory parameter in the build settings is empty and shows the default value.

I looked for a way to “turn off” the functions but could not find any way to do it.

This is the repo of our website - GitHub - amplication/amplication-site: Amplication's website!
This is the website -
This is our Netlify domain name -

Hi there,

Next.js currently uses 3 specific functions to work on Netlify. These are the functions:

  1. Next.js SSR handler: This function handles the SSR pages, API routes and preview mode functionality.
  2. Next.js ISR handler: This one handles ISR routes.
  3. next/image handler: This one handles the Next.js Image component.

An important note about the SSR handler function, because of the way Netlify Redirects work, it also executes for every request that could end up being a 404.

You can check your function logs here: Netlify App. Each function invocation is counted in the requests you see on that usage page.

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