Function invocations / functions level

Hi. i received email:

“Your invocations usage on site winetours has reached 50% of the included allowance for Functions Level 0 (free) in the current billing”

But i don’t use netlify functions. please clarify. thanks

Hiya @nasimisa ! I understand you may not intentionally use functions, but that is how most Next.js sites including yours works under the covers - dynamic content is generally powered by either lambdas (what you received the mail about) or by edge functions. Your site uses both! How can I tell?

On Netlify App near the top of the page, I see these links:

These are links to the functions and edge functions logs for your site, and you should visit the links and watch the logs flow as you browse your site.

You can see that you’ll overrun the free allocation probably within the next day, here:

wherein we show you as running over 111k functions out of 125k function runs provided free every month. Your month ends in about 24 days (billing cycle is shown on that page, ending on 23 Dec in your case), so unless you make changes to your site or its visitors pretty quickly, you’ll end up owing us some money on the 23rd. How much? You can see pricing for additional invocations here: Netlify Pricing and Plans

If we do the math, 2M additional function runs are $25 (we charge you for the whole package once you go past 125k runs), so again barring major changes in your site usage or layout, you’d probably fit into 2M for the rest of the month. Next month we’ll reset on the 23rd and start over from 0.

Thank you @fool for your detailed answer. I found out that when i used create next app it automatically added api folder with hello.js. it had function in it. i deleted that folder. but not sure which else function is running on the background.

Hi @nasimisa,

You can read more about it here:

@hrishikesh thank you for your support but how can I prevent these functions running always? is there a way to delete or any optimization so that i don’t get too many function invocations?

Hi @nasimisa :wave:t6:! Welcome back to the forums! (: You would make the choice based on what framework you use. You can use a static generator like This does not use functions and many others shown on also work well on our platform, and don’t use functions.

Some frameworks that typically use functions can be used in ways that don’t require them to run at browse time, for instance using * next export instead of next build will build a “static” next.js site, when they usually use functions ( Advanced Features: Static HTML Export | Next.js)

You can make your own choice about what to use, and your bill will follow based on your chosen technology and your usage levels. I hope this helps!

@SamO thanks for your help. i think this will solve my problem.