What is the maximum File Upload limit in a Netlify Form submission?

We have a site on Netlify that we’ll be using as a landing page for users to submit a home made music video for a contest.

I would like to just use Netlify form submissions to keep everything under one roof… but I can’t find anything anywhere that says what the maximum single file upload limit is per form submission. I see the pricing for Total upload storage… but nothing about Per File limits.

Does anyone know what this limit is? I need to know if I should be looking for another solution


Hey @sh_camden,

Whilst we don’t have a limit for the size of form file uploads, they will time out after 30 seconds. So, the maximum file size boils down to the speed of the visitor’s internet connection!

The total size of your uploaded form files also contributes to the product price, too. We allow for 10MB within the Starter tier. Exceeding this will mean you are enrolled on to Forms Level 1.