What is the maximum File size Upload limit in a Netlify Form submission?

I have create a form with nodejs and express to send email with attachments files (max three files by forms).

But it seem limitation on total size to send and trigger blocking to send email. There is a size limitation to submission a form ? I try until 3.8MB and after this size it’s impossible to send email.

I have starter pack. If i go to pro, this limitation increase ?

The form request has a limit of 8 MB:

What site is this in reference to?

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i have not site reference, i have test with multiple size of files to deduct the problem is the file size.

Yes I have see your documentation but with a file with more 4MB it’s doesnt work (see picture above). On develloppement local side everithing is ok. I use multer.memoryStorage() to store this file and send mail after.

I use serverless function for my backend so i have limitation 6 MB and 10 second execution limit? I think it’s for that, so there are a way to increase this limitation ?

Thanks for reply

The 6MB limit can’t be increased. The limit is documented here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/gettingstarted-limits.html#function-configuration-deployment-and-execution

Since Netlify Functions use AWS Lambda, the same limits apply here. As you can see, synchronous functions have a payload limit of 6 MB.

We can increase the Function Time out limit up to 26 seconds, if you’re on a Pro or higher account. If you have a site that we can increase the time out limit on, please let us know the sitename (such as sitename.netlify.app).