413 Error for uploads above 5MB

Hey everyone,

I have a website that deals with file uploads as a central feature. For uploading, I use an AWS S3 bucket which is where all the files are sent to and retrieved from. When testing on my local branch, there’s no upload limits whatsoever except for the ones AWS has. I could upload a 200MB audio file with little to no performance issues. But, in PROD, I notice that anything above 6MB suddenly will not upload and will throw that 413 error. I’ve tried the same files on local and in prod and in prod they will break whereas local can upload with no issues whatsoever. Any ideas why this is and how I can solve it?

According to this, Netlify has a 6MB limit on form uploads, and you have to either contact support or upgrade plans to get a higher limit

Does anyone know how to increase this limit? This would be immensely, immensely helpful

Hi, you can upgrade to a pro account in the UI.

Hey Sam, thank you for the response! Do you know what the limit is for a Pro Account?

We don’t serve a 413. It’s most likely coming from Express/Next.js or whatever library you’re using. This has nothing to do with Netlify.

@hrishikesh According to the functions documentation, there’s a 6MB limit for form uploads. The error is only served on files over 6MB, and I only receive the error in production and not when running locally. I’m willing to upgrade to Pro, just need to know what the limit for form uploads is for a pro account

@StokleyO, you can upgrade to Pro, but this has nothing to do with the 6 MB limit. We do not send a 413. If your request body goes over the limit, we serve a 500 or 502. Never a 413. This is a problem with your code, not Netlify.

But to answer your specific question, the limit is the same across all plans.