The form request has a maximum size limit of 8 MB

Hi Netlify Peeps,

I need to create a form that will allow a user to upload multiple documents, however, I have found that it is quite easy to get a ’ This page isn’t working’ error message.

I have created a test site here …
Site ID: f6696740-6137-4242-9c8d-fe6ffcb593ec

I have seen in the docs it says ‘The form request has a maximum size limit of 8 MB.’ …

And I have been able to prove this …

… if I add a 9th 1 MB file it errors.

I have two questions/points regarding this …

  1. If I upgrade from ‘Forms Level 0’ to ‘Forms Level 1’ will the total upload limit be higher?
    If not, I think it should be. I’d be willing to upgrade if this was the case, and allowed up to 20MB for example.

  2. The way that it errors is really bad UX. I think Netlify should improve the way this situation is handled and warn the user that the total file size is over an arbitrary limit of 8MB. I can put some text in the form to warn people, but there is still a high chance of someone seeing this error.

Thanks in advance,


(A long time Netlify customer)

This is currently a CDN-level limit. You cannot send a POST request to Netlify more than 8MB. Thus, it’s not specific to Netlify Forms or to the Forms Level 1 or 2. Regarding the UX, I can file a feature request, though given this is not specific to Forms as I mention, I think this is intended behaviour (to send a 400 without body) and would not expect any (immediate) changes.

If this is an absolute requirement for you, Netlify Forms might unfortunately not be the product you’re after.

Thanks Hrishikesh for your speedy reply.
For this particular use case it looks like I’m going to have to use something like

However, I do think Netlify should handle this situation more gracefully.