Upper limit on `per_page` within API calls

Hi, I’m trying to get all the submissions to all the forms on a site at once. Thus, I’ve been calling listSiteSubmissions with the site ID and it’s been working fine.

However, as the number of submissions grew we found that it was beginning to paginate the results. We would prefer to handle pagination on the front-end, so tried setting per_page to 1000 (it was previously unset), but pagination kept occurring regardless. I’m assuming the upper limit is 100, because setting it to anything above that only returns 100. This is limitation is nowhere in the docs (linked above).

Could you confirm:

  • If 100 is indeed the ceiling here for listSiteSubmissions (or any API calls generally)
  • If there’s any way we can increase this

We can work around this by making multiple calls but that introduces overhead, so we’d prefer not to. If there’s indeed no way to increase this limit, please update the docs accordingly. Discovering limitations like this after an app has already been coded is problematic. Thank you!

Hey @mfan,

The limit is maximum 100 results in an API call. That is true for all API calls except deploy files list. This cannot be increased at the moment. We can file a feature request for this, but it might or might not get implemented.

I’ve also passed your feedback to the docs team.

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Hey there, @mfan :wave:

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that our Docs team updated this page to include more specifics around 100 as the maximum. Thank you for surfacing your questions and helping us improve our resources.

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