Getting a list of all users with Netlify Authentication

Hey Team! I’m having issues getting the full list of users with Admin method for Netlify Autehntication, it looks like the limit applied to the DB call is 50. Is there anyway to bypass this limit and get all users or paginate them?



Hey @lftoma :wave:t2:

Unfortunately it’s not documented in READMEs or such, but I just checked through the source and what you’re seeing is actually the default page size (50) and just page 1. Pagination is built in to Netlify Identity if you need it.

You can either pass a page number parameter ?page=2 or just request a bigger page size ?per_page=100. Page size can get pretty huge if you need it, but obviously that has performance implications on both ends, so it’s up to you there!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @jonsully! It was very helpful! Is there anything I can do to document this somewhere? I happily can contribute with that and increase the querys with all variants :smile:

Let me know if it can be done!



@jonsully - if we can figure out where this information needs to live, I can make sure it gets there!

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Nice! Well, honestly it’s a component of the gotrue library and would probably be documented as part of the HTTP API there, but there’s not very much documentation directly on gotrue itself anywhere. So I suppose it’d be best added to the gotrue-js README, where most of the documentation around GoTrue lives.

Not sure what policies around open source contributions to Netlify OSS READMEs are, but I’d love to PR that whole Readme :slight_smile: Also not sure what the roadmap for GoTrue altogether is (why I’ve been hesitant to contribute to the project previously!) but if it is going to be around and utilized for a good long while, I’d be happy to help!