Help! App stopped working as websites are not deploying


Uploading .zip website giving error as mentioned below. Our whole app depends on this so please help.

data: { code: 429, message: ‘Maximum number of sites exceeded’ }

The end point we are calling:


We have around 350 websites in our account but the Pricing sayings Unlimited websites on the started plan!

Could you try deploying the website via browser by dragging and dropping thr folder in the Netlify UI?

We need API access for our app to work…

You’d probably have to wait for the official support team to chip in then. Maybe @perry can guide you.

@perry could you please help us? We’re open to upgrading to a higher plan but we’ve spent the past 1-year building our site builder app on Netlify and can’t afford to get shut down now that we’re starting to get some traction.

Hiya! We put that limit in place precisely for situations like yours - to find folks who have interesting use patterns. Most of them are attackers, so this stems the bleeding. You’re not, awesome!

We do have to ask you to upgrade, today, and we can raise the limit for you. You should already be on a pro plan since you are reselling our services and our terms of service are very specific that this is not permitted on the free tier.

Let me know when you’ve upgraded and I can raise the limit for you.

Hey! We are not scammers, we’re a SaaS company trying to help SMEs in developing countries build top notch websites and we really like the Netlify platform.

I’ve upgraded our plan to Pro, could you please increase the limit on our account to the Unlimited websites as mentioned in the pricing? If there’s a new soft limit on the number of sites we can create on our account, please do let us know.

Also, if you could please let us know where the TOS mentions provisions concerning hosting user websites using our account? Would like to be best aware of the policy around this :slight_smile:

Thank you!


We’ve responded to this query in the Helpdesk ticket raised. Thanks!