Cannot deploy site to Netlify. "You have reached a limit for sites. Please contact support for further assistance."

I tried to create a new site,
getting error :
“You have reached a limit for sites. Please contact support for further assistance.”

I am currently using [Starter] service.
How can I remove the restriction?
Please tell me.

Hi there,

We may choose to remove the limit for you, once we understand your use case. We are largely looking to prevent abuse and require you to check in with us when you have more sites than that so we can review how you are using our platform. Could you please tell us more about what you are doing that needs so many sites on a starter team?

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Hi, thanks for replying!

I am communicating with multiple affiliates.
I use Netlify to create sites and offer them to affiliates.

What account is this regarding?

Hi. @hrishikesh

This is the account.

Anyone who resells netlify service like this is expected to have a paid account, even without any increase. So if you’d like to upgrade to Pro, we’ll be happy to keep working with you on this. We can only promise a 1000 site limit today, even on Pro, for someone with your use case, just to set expectations.


I will upgrade to Pro as soon as we reach an agreement internally.
Will the restrictions be automatically removed after the upgrade?
Or do I need to contact you?

You will need to contact us. We’ll be able to move the limit immediately to 1000 once you have upgraded, but you’ll need to talk to our sales team before further increases.