What does invite only users reaching 50% email mean?


I received this email today regarding number of admin users accessing my site. As its only invite only, I don’t understand what it means by saying reached 50% - is there a limit to the number of times users can login and administer a site? If I use all of my 5 free invites, does that mean I have to start paying? I’m a bit confused!

Your invite only users usage on site site-name-here has reached 50% of the included allowance for Identity Level 0 (free) in the current billing cycle from September 16 to October 16.

If it passes 100% before the end of the billing cycle, we’ll upgrade to [Identity Level 1]

Hey @martin.m.riley,

That’s right – if you exceed the user count on Identity Level 0, you’ll be enrolled on to Identity Level 1. Pricing for this can be found here (with Identity towards the bottom). Hope this helps!