Identity Usage/Billing confusion

We’ve always been a bit confused by how identity usage and billing work.

Currently, for the domain frosty-brown-938541, our plan provides us up to 100 invite-only users. The usage statistics say only 2 of those 100 spots are used, however, there are far more than 2 users registered when we look at the Identity section. I also double-checked our registration setting is set to invite-only, as well as check that the site admin section we use this for does not have an option to register (we use the Netlify CMS + Netlify Identity login).

Could anyone provide some clarity? My concern is we may be paying for something we don’t need and that we don’t understand how this works enough to make better choices regarding the Identity feature.

Thank you!

Bump. I’d like to understand this better, as well.

Hi @winstonproject, there are two types of identity users: those that are invited via the UI and users that signup through the identity-widget (or gotrue-js directly). Even when you restrict your Identity instance to only ‘invite-only’ any pre-existing non-invite-only users will remain. I think those ‘extra’ users you see fall under that category. You can see the distinction in our pricing page: Let me know if that helps clarify things a bit.