Netlify Identity Registration - possible to close it?

Hi there! Apologies if this is the wrong section but thought it seemed most appropriate.

I’m considering using the Identity widget for an upcoming client project but I’m looking at the options for user sign up and haven’t been able to figure out if you can simply close user registrations or manually create users on the “backend/dashboard” side of things.

I know there is the invitation feature but I’d rather seed the database with a list of pre-existing users and provide them with a default password to change then leave them on their merry way. Is this an option? If so could you please link me to some material on it?

If not, how would you recommend setting up a significant size of users to start with? This application won’t have many users beyond the initial members so the more pricey plans with larger invite quantities seem overkill cost-wise vs the lower options on Auth0.

Would it be possible for me to allow users to sign up like usual and then disable the sign up form?

Thank you in advance for any help. I hope to be able to use Identity simply because I love everything netlify at the moment!

You can disable registration whenever you like, you could get them to register and then set it to invite only.

You could also add your own custom code briefly like a JSON of emails and if someone trying to register without one of those emails, just don’t sent the registration request and deny it.


That’s really useful Aaron, thank you. I wasn’t sure how much flexibility there would be once it’s enabled. That’s a good idea on the email list front too.

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