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Problem about External provider

Hello Everyone, initially allow user to sign up but here is a problem about scope the allowed domains to be able to sign up. In our case, we’re using identity in conjunction with NetlifyCMS. It’s pretty handy to allow our team to use a single sign on instead of having to create a login with email and password.
The problem is, we can’t enable this because it opens up the world to be able to sign up to our admin backend. I realize you can use roles and such, but I also don’t want a flood of people trying to create accounts when they shouldn’t be able to.
Kindly help me in this case
Thanks in Advance
Regards: Diksha

Hi @saeenajhon,

If I understand correctly, you wish to disable signup right? There’s an option is Identity to keep registration closed, does that not help? You’d either have to tell all your users to register before disabling it or add users via an invite. Does this not help?