Login & Registration User Authorization Using Only Netlify

celebrated-daffodil-98560f (netlify site name)

https://www.pieconfidential.com](https://www.pieconfidential.com (domain)

I am never able to use the netlify widget registration form to begin this process, so please try to assist without suggesting that route. I always get an “error” popup.

I need to invite someone to my website to sign up as a fan, so that they can gain access to pages in my website that are otherwise restricted, and I don’t want to use any platform but netlify to do it. As lazy as this sounds, can anyone paste the code for this in a response?

I had worked on a project to create a custom implementation of the Identity API with Axios, Alpinejs, WindiCSS and Hugo. Here’s a trimmed down version of that:

I don’t have the bandwidth to write a documentation for that and that code is also not backed-up by the Netlify Support Team. So, if you run into any issues, you might have to do some debugging of your own.

Finally, if you’re receiving errors with the Identity Widget, you’re most likely going to receive errors with this too (depending on what the actual error is).

Thank you. I will get to learning from this immediately.

Has anyone else gotten this and can explain how to fix it?

Disregard, I have finally resolved this issue, but now I have another. I cannot seem to confirm my email address after signing up.

hi there, what happens when you try?

also, we strongly strongly recommend trying to do operations like this in an incognito window, as we have experienced it countless times that extensions hijack expected behaviour and create strange results. is this something you could try for us?

Hi Perry. I resolved this too. I had to switch my identity setting from invite user to allow anyone to register. Thanks though

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