Trouble logging in Netlify Identity

Hi, everyone! My name’s Mohammed and I’m new here to Netlify Community. Nice to meet you!

Okay, so here’s my problem: I have trouble completing the sign-up process in Netlify Identity. I have filled the sign-up form and submit it and after that got the message asking me to verify my email.

When I clicked the verify link from my email, it will simply redirect me back to my website. I cannot access my admin dashboard and I don’t know why this is happening.

Any help and guidance will be appreciated.

Hi, @masker. Would you please send us a link to the site?

You can private message (PM) that to one of our support staff and I’ve confirmed that PMs are enabled for your community login. Note, that only one person can see the PM and this will likely mean a slower reply than posting the information publicly. Please feel free to reply to however you prefer though.

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Sure, here’s a link to my website:

Hi @masker,

It doesn’t look like you have the netlify-identity-widget on your main page. You’ll need that to complete the email verification portion. You can just add the following line in section of your index.html:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

After doing so, you’ll want to click the verification link again. Let me know if that helps.

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Alright, I’ll try it right now and let you know if this works.

Update: It worked! Adding the Netlify identity widget to index.html has fixed my problem. Now I can login into my dashboard and do my work!

Thank you so much, Dennis! I really appreciated your help!!