Netlify identity - error inviting users

I am unable to invite new users via netlify identity, seeing this error

{“code”:500,“msg”:“Error inviting user”,“error_id”:“b5707ba0-1e61-45e9-93f8-9c9d07b5a8a7”}

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 11.45.08


testing the netlify cms with astro

The identity widget works fine authenticating and redirecting with github, for example.

However I see this error when either trying to invite a user via email or if a user attempts to sign-up via email I see this error:
'Error sending confirmation mail ’

Email templates are all set to ‘Using built-in Invitation/confirmation template’ in the identity settings…

Is netlify email just down?

everything works now, I guess the emails were temporarily down

Hi @Nicodiabl0

This was caused by this incident we shared on our status page yesterday:

The issue is now resolved, that is why you’re able to invite users now :slight_smile: