Error When Invite User Identity

I got error appeared when trying to add new identity on my identity tab. I’m not sure what’s wrong because I’m not customizing the Outgoing email address so I believe I used the default one.


Also I got error like this when trying to sign up a new identity (I tried to open the registration since got error when using invite only, but yeah still got error)


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FYI …i’m having the exact same issue!

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Having the same issue as well… maybe this is just some temporary issue on the side of Netlify? Worked normally a few days ago

Hey folks,

I am so sorry for the delay here. Can you please share if you are still encountering this error? If you are, can you please share your site URL or site ID so that we can look into this further?

Thanks so much.

Hi Hillary

Looks like the emails are working correctly now, thanks!

Hello everyone

This was most likely caused by yesterday’s outage that we described here:

If anyone is still experiencing this issue, please let us know!

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