Create Users as Admin

Hello - question about whether a feature currently exists and a request for new feature if it does not.

Is it possible to create new netlify identity users as an admin? The flow would be …

  • Admin creates users in netlify interface (with email address of new user)
  • Email is sent to new user to verify their email address
  • User is presented with a screen to set their password OR the admin just forwards the temporary password (generated at user creation) on to user and user is responsible for updating password.


Hi @BrianSwedenberg :wave:t6: .

Thanks for reaching out. Yep this feature already exists

As an admin you can create identity users:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the reply - after looking at the documentation I didn’t find a ton on creating users, but I do assume that the “Invite users” functionality is what’s being referred to.

I did attempt to invite a new email address but I am getting an error when I try. I have tried several different emails between last night and this morning. (see attached picture) .

Please Advise


Screenshot (1).png

Hi @BrianSwedenberg, in addition to what @SamO suggested, kindly also visit the link below to read about how to use Netlify Identity to allow you to manage and authenticate users with JWT.

You can also read the blog post below on how to get started with JWT and Netlify Identify.


Hi @BrianSwedenberg, regarding the error message you are receiving, kindly visit the link below which is a similar question asked here on this forum in order to learn about the reason for the error message.



I have successfully implemented Identity into my site and am utilizing JWTs - the only issue I’m having now is inviting new users.


Thanks for this link - however, the linked question seems to have been caused by something netlify-side and was resolved when the issue was resolved. Can you advise on whether this is the same case now? Is there an open issue that I can track?

Hi @BrianSwedenberg, thanks for the feedback.
I can’t tell for sure if the problem is from Netlify’s end at the moment. Sometimes the Netlify engineers work to resolve problems when it is detected at their end or resolve problems when it has been reported by users.

I will escalate the post to a Netlify staff to see if it is a problem on Netlify’s end.


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Hi @BrianSwedenberg,

We’re seeing the error:

Error sending invite email: 534 5.7.9 Application-specific password required

So it seems, you’ve set your Google account’s password (or an incorrect password altogether) for the custom SMTP settings. You might want to check out: Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help

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