Using Identity on my website

I am brand new to Netlify and web development for that matter. I have a website set up and working using Netlify. I am trying to use the Identity feature to require users to log in and authenticate before they can view my website. I found this live example on how to use Identity (here is the code on github for it). I understand how it is used but the one thing it uses that it does not explain how to do is how to set up a user and password on the netlify dashboard to authenticate, specifically the password. On the netlify dashboard I have enabled Identity and invited an email address. When I click on the user to edit their settings, there is no field to set the password (see the screenshot below)

I go to the email address I invited and click on the link provided to accept the invite to my website and it just takes me to the website itself, at no point do I get the option to set up a password, and that is needed to authenticate with the Identity widget in the example I referenced above. If someone would please clue me in to how I can set up a password for an email I have invited to my website so I can use that email and the password to authenticate with the Identity widget I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Hi @brendon.davies,

I think you might be missing the following in your site’s main page (index.html):
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You’ll need to have that line inside your tags. After adding that, you’ll want to send yourself a password reset or a new invite and you should see the netlify identity widget pop up on your main page.

Let me know if that helps.

Hey @Dennis,
Thanks, I did have it added to my code correctly, I just needed to send myself a password reset link. Now I am able to log in with the widget. However, now my problem is that I can navigate to other pages on my website even if I’m not logged in. I’m really new to web development, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was missing something really simple. Can you give me any direction? Thanks again for your reply!

The only way to restrict pages is by role-based redirects ( but that feature may not be available on the plan you are on as mentioned in that link.