Simple tutorial on implementing authentication using netlify identity widget?

I’m implementing a private website - each user would receive an invite email.

I know I could use HTTP auth by adding something like the following to my toml file:

for = “/*”
cache-control = “max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate”
Basic-Auth = ‘’’

I could write a script that generates the toml file for all users. BUT, I prefer a more ‘modern’ method of authentication (that would also allow for password reset), and have been looking into using the netlify-identity-widget - but, I can’t seem to make sense of it. Is there a simple tutorial that walks through the creation of a basic auth set up for a static site?

What I need is something on the top of each page that indicates the current user login and has a log-out button. If an unauthorized user attempts to access any of the pages, I want a log-in pop window to authorize the user. If the user can’t remember their password - the popup should have a password reset option.

Apologies for being so vague - once I get through this, I’ll happily write it up and post in github for other netlify beginners.


There’s no tutorial needed in my personal opinion. It’s a simple setup. Add the netlify-identity-widget to your page which will do most of the heavy lifting. Then just configure RBAC as mentioned here: