Netlify identity

setting up netlify identity, all tutorials arent helping… none of them actually help or show how to setup with html. they just tell you exactly what github does… and in tutorials half there code is there… its not even helpfull … iv tried last 2 days … netlify too complicated for begginers, can one of you help so i can make a actual video on how to do it…

Netlify Identity is a service from Netlify, you can do many things with it.

What are you trying to do?

i want to setup the counter for visitors… so like login and 0 auth or…

So are we talking role based redirects?

i dont have pro…
that guide for setup that way it says thats only avalible to some users./ Pro users…

if i share the start of my html could you help implement ?

so iv got this far but now its not loading what am i missing ?

Have you redeployed your site since you activated identity? Seems like whatever site you are browsing does not have Identity activated, which does require a deploy after configuration to complete in most cases.

a deploy ? , you mean like saved and uploaded changes ? if so yes… , is it because i only have that code in the html ? , ididnt know what other files i had to copy so have just copyed the html piece… if i send you my files could you help implement ? or if i discord screen share…

If you mean you want to show how many people are currently on your website, then Identity is probably not the thing you need.

If you can detail out a bit more as to what exactly it is that you want to do, maybe we can share a solution that would work, with or without Identity.

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so at the start i wanted to add a counter for how many people download my debians from my website but by research it seemed not many people knew how … so i was looking at netlify identity settings… and it has active user counter

i wanted to setup that active user counter if you could help ?

The active user count tells you how many users have signed up with identity, this seems like an overkill -esque way to do what your trying to do, combined with the limitation of the free plan with only 1000 users.

If you are sure this is the right way to go then It’s pretty easy to set up but a simple click counter or link counter is easily accessible online.

Make sure to tell me if I’m not understanding your intentions.


yes that is exactly what i wanted!!!, someone has just told me to use google analytics ? , if that is the better way to go then i will?,

,also. is there any chance you could help me add feature for login to my site and have their account there ? i can send you my website files…

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hey @3xtc, if kyle wants to collaborate with you on this, great! But i wanted to point out that soliciting someone for 1:1 help with personal projects isn’t something we generally offer here in these forums, and if kyle has other priorities for his time, then that needs to be respected. Thanks!

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@perry hi and yes i understand if he has other priorities ! sorry for asking like this on this forum idont know many people personally with knowledge in this stuff

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Thank you Perry, I’m okay with suggesting options for @3xtc but I’m no expert so I don’t think it’s fair to guide them through the entire process.

For the use case you originally stated I think google analytics or a 3rd party service to count visitors.

When it comes to a login feature, Netlify Identity is in it’s early stages, and only allows for things like Role-based access control with JWT | Netlify Docs

If this is something your interested in, then I’ll link to a few discussions where you will be able to learn more about Role based redirects and how they work.


hi @3xtc, your site looks like it exists on the edge of legality.

Are you trying to host a site on netlify that provides 3rd party hacks/cracks for paid software? It appears that that is what you are trying to do.

If that is the case, then asking openly for assistance with something that violates our Terms of Service would be in severe bad taste, not to mention very illegal, and we will ban you from the forums and the service immediately and permanently.

Explain yourself.

its my cydia repo that i host on github… its not pirated, but it does involve cydia tweaks i have made for apps… yes.
your app automatically transfers sites/repos from github so im sorry if it has copyed the debians to your site… i can remove if this is not allowed ? sorry i did not realise…

is my site allowed if i remove the debians from netlify and just have them in github? or is it because my of my add repo page ?

im sorry i didnt realise hosting cydia repo was not allowed :confused:

While I guess, the terms of service part, @perry will answer, I think you can achieve the link click counter by using Firebase Database.

It’s not very straightforward though and it’s actually an overkill for such a small feature, so if you need only yourself to check how many times a link was clicked, you are better off with Google Analytics or some URL shortening apps.

To go on with Firebase, you’d have to first setup Firebase for your project like this:

I’m currently putting up an example. I’ll share it once it’s done.