Netlify Setting Up Identity Login Issue

Hello All :smiley:

I have deployed my website successfully and also enabled the identity to have a sign up/log in page in my website. I have read the documentation for how to set up the identity and also go through (Netlify-identity-widget) Github src code and I am really lose.

My site is a Bootstarp based (HTML, CSS, JS), so I don’t now how to integrate (Netlify-identity-widget) in my site to deploy it.

I am using VS Code, so please can someone help me step by step what to do in order to have a sign up/log in page in my website?

Thanks a million :innocent:

Hey @OmarHesham123

Have you had a look through the docs yet? They give a pretty good step-by-step:

Hello Levous :slight_smile:

Yes I did, but still lost, I still don’t know how to integrate that in my website src files

Are you using a static site generator such as 11ty, Hugo or Gatsby?

So thats what I am talking about, so the first step I should setup Gatsby for example then what?

Gatsby is a static site generator that uses React. I was under the impression you had already built your website. To use Gatsby you would have to essentially rebuild your website using it.

I think basically what you’re looking for is this:

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