N00b question - not sure where to start on identity

Hey there,

This is going to be an embarassing question I think but I’ve spent about 3 hours trying to login to the backend of a gatsby install on netlify. I am missing something obvious but am not sure what it is. The current site is: indieconsultant.co

I activated idenity, enabled git gateway, did invite only. When I get the invite emails it goes to the site and nothing pops up.

What do I have wrong here?

Hi, welcome to the Netlify community forum. Netlify Identity itself is not a backend or a CMS, it’s an authentication service! It allows you to add user management to your website. It’s used by Netlify CMS, for instance.

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To add to @tomrutgers’s response, it looks like your Gatsby starter is meant to be used with a headless Ghost CMS. If you want to use it with Netlify CMS, you can take a look here: https://www.netlifycms.org/docs/gatsby/. Hope that helps.

oh wow ok dont know how i missed it haha