Netlify Identity - creating user without using an email address

I am creating a Wedding website with GatsbyJS, hosted on Netlify and I would like to use Netlify Identity for login.

On the wedding invitation the invitees will be provided with a Username and Password for logging in. So no need for user to create an account. I will be looking to create an account on Identity for access.

Looking at the Identity Docs, the default login is Email address and Password. Please let me know if Username and Password is an alternative login method and if so how can I implement such a pathway.

There will be no need to password reset or signup functionality


Hi @ADale,

Per the gotrue-js documentation:, email address is required to sign up an Identity user and a confirmation step ( is required.

If you want something that doesn’t require it, you’ll probably need to implement it yourself or use a separate authentication service, though I don’t know any that don’t use email addresses as username.

I’ve also updated the title of the topic to reflect your question a bit better.