Updated Gatsby + Netlify JAMstack Hackathon starter!

Released a major update to the Gatsby + Netlify JAMstack Hackathon starter, rolling up a bunch of changes to Gatsby, Netlify Identity (going from a 60kb widget down to 6kb), getting rid of netlify-lambda to use Netlify Dev (way easier and faster)


  • :train:Serverless Functions
  • :lock_with_ink_pen:Authentication (with Netlify Identity)
  • :closed_lock_with_key:Authenticated Serverless Functions
  • :heart_eyes_cat:External Provider login with GitHub, Bitbucket, Google, etc.
  • :house:Protected Routes
  • :wave:t3:Dynamic Clientside Pages in Gatsby (enabling all the above)

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Hello community. I would like to use this starter and have successfully got it up and running on Netlify.

However, I can’t Sign Up. When I do try to do so, I get :

Error: Preflight response is not successful

[ a screen graphic is attached] I can’t find any meaningful help on this.

I note that the site is pre-configured to only allow people who are invited to Log In.

When the site was deployed on Netlify, I received an invitation to login - an ‘Accept the Invitation’ link within the email. I might have presumed that this would auto log me in, but it did not seem to.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, David