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Is it possible to pay for 5 more invite-only users only with Netlify Identity?

Hi, there community.

I have recently built a Wiki for my team, we are hosting with Netlify and using Netlify Identity to enforce some level of access control on some of the documents. The Netlify Identity service only allows 5 invite-only users in the free tier but we are a team of less than 10.

I see that if you want to add more users, the next level is “Identity level 1” which costs $99 which is way too much for us to afford and it comes with features that we are not going to use in the future.

Is it possible to pay for an additional 5 invite-only users, very similar to how the pricing works for Build Minutes of $7 for an additional X amount of minutes?

This would be very helpful for a small team like ours that can’t afford enterprise-level pricing

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Howdy @ShailenNaidoo and welcome to our community! Unfortunately, there is no option between 0 and $99 for identity usage over 5 invite only users. That is the cost of 6 or more invite-only users.

I’ve passed your pricing feedback on to the teams who have the ability to change things so your voice has been heard, but I don’t expect a change anytime soon, to set expectations.

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I really appreciate that, for now it seems that I would have to move over to another auth service in the meantime until pricing can be made a bit more afforable for small teams like ours :smile:

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