Webhook starts build but no new files uploaded

I’m using ‘nuxt generate’ to generate a dist folder with static files. The static files get content from a json file. I have created a build hook to create new deploys from Prismic CMS for content updates. On localhost the dist folder and static files are generated correctly. When I commit to master on bitbucket, a new deploy is created and new static files are uploaded successfully. When I use the webhook either as curl -X POST -d {} https://api.netlify.com/build_hooks/5d4d646d6ba222be2a9cfb43?trigger_branch=master&trigger_title=testhook1

or updating content on Prismic a new deploy is created by the webhook, but no new files are uploaded:

All files already uploaded
All files already uploaded by a previous deploy with the same commits.

Thanks for help!

you might take a look at this thread and see if something similar applies to you:

is this useful at all?

After adding my json file to gitignore I had suddenly an error: Can’t resolve ‘…/pagecomponents’ in ‘/opt/build/repo/pages’

My file actually was called pageComponents.json, so I renamed it to lowercase…and that resolved it! Seems MaC OS is case-insensitive, so I did’t see the error on localhost

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thanks for keeping us in the loop - case is so annoying and time consuming to debug sometimes :face_with_head_bandage: