Is it possible to have different build contexts for webhooks?

Hi all,

I just started deploying my static Nuxt website on Netlify, and I am curious if it’s possible to have different deploy settings for a build triggered by a webhook.

Right now, my default build settings are to /dist via nuxt build && nuxt export which is great when making a commit/merge to the main branch in github. However, when a client makes a change from the CMS (in this case Prismic), Nuxt offers the ability to skip the nuxt build (which compiles the code) and just run nuxt export (which just creates and populates pages).

My main reasoning for this is that nuxt build && nuxt export can take 2-3 minutes to build, where as just running nuxt export can take 30~ seconds, and for just content changes, it can be more efficient.

Maybe I am thinking about this the wrong way, and there’s a better way? I would appreciate any insight you have.

Thank you.

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To answer my own question, it looks like Nuxt recently put out a blog post detailing that in version 2.14, running nuxt generate will skip the webpack build step if no code changes are present detailed in this post.

So I guess my question above is unnecessary. Thanks again!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to follow up, Kolby! I learned about that just today - thanks to you! We really appreciate the folks who take the time to share their learnings with us and the rest of the community. Kudos :slight_smile:

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Its really nice how you how you followed up and let the people know about your query being resolved. Most people don’t do this and just ignore the replies by people but its really sweet how you replied. I appreciate it so much. Its so sweet.


couldn’t agree more! :raised_hands: