Build & publish only via Build hook

Hello there Netlify Support,

I have a site that I do not want Netlify to build and deploy automatically as part of CI. It’s far too expensive at my org because there are too many peers, too many commits. We would consume our build time capacity in less than three days.

I want master to build and deploy only via build hook.

I set Build Settings > Builds > Stop Builds, but when I try to manually trigger a build via webhook, nothing happens. This feels like misbehavior or the wrong UX? I think a manual build trigger should be able to override the CI build setting.

When I set Build Settings > Builds > Activate Builds, I can trigger a build via webhook, but now all commits to master also cause builds, which eats up my build minute allocation.

I cannot figure out how to accomplish what I want. I don’t want to use some hack with another branch because I’d have to onboard engineers to a workaround that shouldn’t be a workaround.

stopping builds stops ALL builds; that is working correctly as designed :slight_smile:

I can set your site to only build with webhooks, but you have to tell me which site(s) you want that set on. You’ll have to ask us to remove the setting in the future, since it is not exposed in the UI.

Thank you kind sir!

Site: angellist-talent-docs

we took care of that for you, @drewlustro!


The webhook isn’t working. No build/deploy triggers.

I’m going to re-activate normal builds to workaround this. Could you look into the setting?

Thank you!

Could you tell us what webhook you used, at what time (and timezone)? Then maybe we can find receipt in the logs to understand what happened.