Feature Request: Disable Automatic Builds and Trigger Builds with Hooks Only

Hello Netlify team,

I’m using Netlify for several of my projects, and I love the platform. However, I’ve encountered a use case that isn’t currently supported.

I have one repository linked to multiple sites on Netlify. For some of these sites, I want to disable automatic builds and only trigger builds manually using build hooks. Currently, if I turn off automatic builds, build hooks also stop working.

I believe this feature would provide greater flexibility and control over the build process, especially for projects that don’t follow the standard continuous deployment model.

I understand that this might not be a small change, but I believe it would be a valuable addition to Netlify’s feature set.

Thank you for considering my request.

Hi @wetendorff,

This is already supported as an internal feature. We can enable/disable it from our end.

Hi @hrishikesh

Can you disable automatic builds on my websites: “aknebehandling” and “sundvaegt”?

Just to clarify, will I still be able to trigger a build using a build hook on those two sites?

This is done for the first site. The other site is not connected to a repo, so this setting doesn’t apply to that. And yes, you can continue to use build hooks.

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That is great, @hrishikesh. Thank you so much.

I will try it out on the first site and see how it goes.

Hi @hrishikesh,

The “sundvaegt” site has been linked to a repository. Could you disable automatic builds for it as well? The first site is functioning flawlessly! :+1:

Thank you in advance.

The second site should also be set!