Disable automatic builds from netlify site

Hi! I was using netlify build to build and deploy the website named “gabrielduarte”, but I’ve since migrated it to GitHub actions, and I’m publishing it from there.
Done this basically to reduce the amount of build minutes from my team, as this site builds a lot.
Because of this, I’d like to ask to disable automatic builds (I guess by unlinking the repo from the site?), so that it stops consuming build times needlessly, and I found the only way of doing this is via support. Can you help me with that?

Gabriel Duarte.

No problem, Gabriel, just got that turned off for you. The only builds that can now happen on that site are if:

  1. you push the trigger deploy button in our UI
  2. you set up a build hook (cf https://docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/build-hooks/) and use it.

With this approach, would it still be possible to use the CLI build command to trigger a build? If so then could you also unlink a repo from one of my sites, please?

Alternatively another option would be to turn off auto publishing and then have some way of being able to trigger a publish from the cli or hook, but as far as I can see this is not possible, is that correct?

I think the CLI build command builds locally, not on our servers? I don’t see it mentioned in the docs, though, and don’t use it myself, so not entirely sure. You can use a webhook or the button in our UI at least though.

Turning off auto publishing does not stop builds - it just stops us putting them live at your production URL, so that won’t help you reduce your builds usage. However the answer to your question is you can turn any existing deploy live via this API call: https://open-api.netlify.com/#operation/restoreSiteDeploy

Thanks, fool, but what I really want is for the site to be unlinked from the repo so that the build does not happen at all unless I trigger it with the CLI. Could you please unlink site 5b1dc29c-9e13-4471-9f9e-180a9ef41603 for me?

Right, I was trying to address your question of “would it still be possible to use the CLI build command to trigger a build?” in my response - yes, the CLI does not activate CI and thus does not use our link to your repo.

That site already has no repo linked so I guess you must have asked in more than one place and someone else helped you with it. Please don’t do this in the future as it is disrespectful of my team’s time.