Webhook Trigger Does not AutoDeploy the site

Hello there,

I have a NextJS Static site deployed here: _netlify app name _.

It is connected with a CMS which triggers a webhook for Netlify whenever there is a change in content to regenerate the build.

I have disabled the Automatic Builds, as I only want it to deploy only when the webhook triggers.

Apart from that, whenever there is a change in code, I already have a pipeline in place which does CI checks and after that, it builds the code and deploys it through API calls by sending the build files to Netlify.

I don’t want to Autodeploy the site whenever I push to branch.

Summary of what I need:

  • Trigger build in two cases:
  1. When I call the netlify API with build files.
  2. When webhook triggers.
  • Should NOT trigger the build:
  1. When I push the changes to branches.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hey @markatlidev,

We’ve made a change and that should do what you need. Let us know if it works.

Hey @hrishikesh
Thanks for making that change.

Can you do the same change on following two apps as well?

  • netlify app name removed
  • netlify app name removed

Thanks again! :bowing_man:

That should be all done and good to go.

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