My build does not start automatically any more

after a few weeks of inactivity, I returned yesterday to continue developing my app at Netlify App. The standard behavior until now was that pushing the new sources to Github, would trigger a new Netlify build and deployment.

Today I made a few builds and the only way the get them deployed was to to invoke the Trigger deployment button


Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance

hey there adriatic,

are you pushing to the main branch that contains the content you are trying to deploy? that’s the first question I would be interested in asking. As far as i can tell on first glance, your settings should deploy when you push to GitHub, so this is a little strange. If we can’t rule out that you might have pushed to a non-production branch, i’ll try and get someone else’s eyes on this.

Hello, Perry,

I do not have a non production branch on Netlify and my app was automatically deployed as the response to my push to Github. My perception is that something changed and I am not aware of what.

Could you try to re-connect your repository from the site settings?

Hello, @hrishikesh

Can you please be more specific. The Github URL is and I do not know where to disconnect and then re-connect

hey there adriatic,

if you log into the netlify UI, you’ll see an option under your site settings, here:[YOUR SITE NAME]/settings/deploys under “manage repository” to unlink the repo. Then, please try relinking it, trigger a deploy, and hopefully this fixes things.

Hi, Perry

I did what you advise (unlink and the relink it). This started the deploy and I have to see whether future deploys will start automatically (actually based on the request from my Github repository)

Thanks for “staying with me” (my belief is that the automatic deployments stopped because of the added UI button to select from “just trigger” and “clear cache and trigger”

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let us know if it breaks again! :crossed_fingers:

Will do - at the moment I am not sure whether the unlink / relink fixed the issue, but have no time to test it.

As I had to “retire” the app which would not build on github trigger and replace it with a different app, the automatic builds work again. In summary disconnecting and reconnecting the first app did not cause continuation of automatic behavior, but replacing the app with a different app did :grinning:

I know that this alone may not be enough data to properly debug this issue, but I saved the first app complete setup for the case where you would like to find the initial problem.

Thanks for your help

so strange. but thanks for letting us know, adriatic. if the problem comes back, please let us know and we can take a closer look.