Github commits not deploying automatically


I’m noticing that my github commits/push are not resulting in deploys?

Im wondering if i am not set up properly. If i manually trigger a deploy, the builds are successful and the pushes are reflected, but the deploys do not seem to occur when i commit to GITHUB. Any ideas?

Just to add more detail, is my baseurl and the the github repo is
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Everything builds perfectly locally and online, but my pushes are not being automatically deployed for some reason i can’t determine…

Hi, @jonmosco, I’m showing this recent deploy was based on a Git push and was successful:

Are the pushes to the master branch? If not, that would explain the issue as this site is configured (currently) to only build the production branch (which is “master”) here:

If other (or all) branches should be built as well, that can be changed on in the settings on the page above.

hi @luke, thanks for the reply!

The current deployed version is actually the result of me clicking the Trigger Deploy button, and was not triggered automatically.
But if you look at the GITHUB repo, it has since been updated, but no deploy has been triggered on Netlify.
For instance
Currently does not match

It should say “test4”, instead of the old “test2”

Originally i was pushing to the master branch, but that wasn’t working, so now i push to a separate branch, and then merge to master.

Any ideas? Very much appreciated, am really looking forward to solving this!

Hi @jonmosco, Your latest few commits triggered builds: Those are the builds that contain commit hashes and build messages in them.

Also note that you are only building your master branch, so if you are making changes in other branches, these won’t build and won’t be reflected in your master branch. You can change this from

thanks! i had reconnected the GITHUB repo and everything works now. thanks!

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