Git push stopped triggering auto deployments?

So before this I never had a similar issue, but all of a sudden on both of my sites after I make updates to github and run git push it no longer triggers the auto deployment. I can see the edits and new commits on github but it won’t redeploy, any help would be appreciated

hi there, before we dig, can you confirm that you have auto publishing set to on and your repository is linked correctly?

Yup, was working fine the whole time literally till this morning.

Ok the recently update commits shows up now, but after testing again its still not auto deploying-but It may be a github issue as my “last updated” message went from 2 days to 30mins in the last hour, interesting check here, github webhooks seem to be having issues.

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Experiencing very similar issues. I have to force a deploy, the changes will show on the live site, but no logs about the deploy until several minutes later, if at all.

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Thanks! Yea its just taking a while for github to update, consider this post closed

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