Github commits not resulting in deploys?

hi there,

I’m noticing that my github commits/push are not resulting in deploys?

Im wondering if i am not set up properly. If i manually trigger a deploy, the builds are successful and the pushes are reflected, but the deploys do not seem to occur when i commit to GITHUB. Any ideas?Thanks!

Just to add more detail, is my baseurl and the the github repo is
default theme -

Everything builds perfectly locally and online, but my pushes are not being automatically deployed for some reason i can’t determine…

Hi Jon,

For that site we’ll build only commits to master (and PR’s for it) as you have that configured here:

That site is configured to use webhooks to notify us of the build. Do you see a webhook `" in your settings at GitHub? It might be that something went wrong with the connection, so could you reconnect to the repo by starting here:

then selecting Edit Settings
then selecting the newly revealed link link to a different repository. You would pick the same one in this case.

That worked! I reconnected the repo as you suggested and now the pushes and PR for master are now deploying automatically.

Many thanks!

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