Netlify not auto deploying my Git commits all of a sudden

I pushed up a change to a Gatsby project, in Git Hub. But for some reason, this time it didn’t trigger an automatic deploy. So I tried another project. Pushed a small change to Git and checked Netlify. Nope. No auto deploy.

Totally baffled at what is happened. Checked all the settings and literally nothing changed. It was like one hour, auto deploys were working and the next hour, auto deploys from Git were not.

I’ve been manually deploying, which, it not fun.

Netlify, did something change with Git? Just so strange how none of my projects are auto deploying all of a sudden.

This is happening with my site as well, they eventually deploy but after a relatively long delay. I suppose there is something not specific to our sites that is causing this problem.

Happening for us as well. Just had a large ecommerce site be non functional for a couple of hours because deploys were messing up webpack bundles and serving old/nonexistent bundles instead of deploying immedaitely. Said “skipping deploying and cleaning steps” for some reason

Apparently it’s not Netlify, it’s Github.

(thanks to Netlify support for this).