Is there a way to make my feature branch auto deploy through webhook

We have a deploy url called this need to be builded over a webhook from


CMS and it is perfectly trigering from the prismic through the webhook but after some content is changed the deploy url doesnt update any content in our website. but the build seems to be successfull through webhook , i can see a manual deploy for the deploy branch.

We are working on a github feature branch that can be only merged to main after the development is completed , the tester need to test the webiste through this url not through production url. since we have been migrating from a CMS called Forestry to Prismic.

Now we are blocked due to the deploy preview doesnt seems to update content when a change is trigered in Prismic CMS.

  • Nuxt

  • Prismic CMS

  • Github

@focaloid-dev It seems like all you should need to check is that:

  1. The webhook is set up to trigger the build of the correct site/branch that you require
  2. That when the build executes it requests fresh content from prismic (however it achieves that)

Have you confirmed those things?

If so, can you elaborate on why you believe the content is not updating?

If you find that you cannot configure a webhook for the ‘branch’, (e.g. That the webhook always wants to build the main configured branch of the site instance), then the quickest solution would be to create a new site instance configured with your in-development branch as the branch to be built, then create/use the webhook for that instance.

I created a new instance and made changes to webhook as it points to feature branch as production
Thank you