We are on open-source plan and for some reason we went through the limits

This is our netlify app: https://pnpm.netlify.app/

we serve it through https://pnpm.io/

We are an open-source project and have an open-source plan but for some reason we use a lot of bandwidth. I don’t know why. Last month we consumed more than the limit (400GB a month). Do we need to pay for the extra? Do you know why so much bandwidth is consumed? We use cloudflare and caching is on, so I am not sure why there is so much bandwidth usage.

hey there, let’s get you talking to someone who can help with that in the helpdesk. I’ll transfer you over there, and someone will reach out by email as soon as we can. for now, don’t worry too much, we can get this figured out.

I’ve got a response through email from Laura, so this is resolved. I still don’t know why it happens but I’ve got a spreadsheet with data, so I’ll try to investigate.